For my other half.




I have seen you. I have seen your soul and beyond the layers of your walls. I have seen you in your darkest hour and your lightest. I have seen you.

Your darkness scares me, but it is also absolutely and ridiculously beautiful. When you stood there with blood on your cheeks and the insanity in your eyes saying ”You don’t want to be with me, no one does. Just tell me the truth” I was so scared that I might loose you at the same time as it might have been the most beautiful thing i have seen in my life. We are strange like that you and me. We see the beauty in blood and death both. Other people just find them scary and pushes the thought of them existing of their mind. But we, we see it. The beauty and the perfection in a beautiful death.
But you tend to forget, your light is just as beautiful as your darkness. When you smile you make the world a little bit brighter. You don’t think that people love you or want you. but your light is addicting. Everyone who has ever gazed in to it has gotten sucked in and addicted. Some of them, like me, can handle your darkness to. Others, can’t. The people who can handle both though, love you with all their hearts. You have a beautiful darkness which makes your light even brighter and the world would go darker without it.


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