You are perfect!


Do you feel like a misfit? Do you feel like a weirdo that just don’t belong anywhere? Have you repeatedly tried to change something about yourself (doesn’t matter if it is on the outside our the inside) just to fit in?
You are a certain way naturally and that is how you are supposed to be.. There will always be people who don’t appreciate certain things about you but that is life you know? I promise you that you sooner or later will find a group of
People that will love you for exactly who you are.

I certainly did… And I have more flaws then you probably could imagine. I have wasted years trying to change things about myself without satisfaction. If I lose weight, I hates the looseness of the skin. If I change my personality, I am having a hard time coping, it just isn’t natural since it isn’t who I really am. But I have realized that I don’t have to change.. I am beautiful in my own way.

So don’t walk around and not living life to the fullest because you hate something about yourself. It is a waste of energy since you are perfect just as you are. As soon as you realize this and start believing in your self and stop being embarrassed, you will realize that life have gotten so much better.

YOU are GREAT! so live your life to the fullest.. YOU are worth it!


Ps. If you feel like you need som extra encouragement this song by Katy Perry is really inspiring

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