That hurt!


I am the kind of person that am able to joke about most things and most people but at the same time I see my self as very considerate. I try to take people’s limits and emotions in to consideration. Most people don’t think twice before joking about things though… I more than often find my self in a situation where I get hurt because someone took it one step to far, even those someones who have done the same mistake before manages to do this. I hurts a lot when people overstep boundaries but the worst thing, the most hurtful thing it when you tell them so and they don’t respect it and just shrug it of like it was nothing. I understand that people make mistakes, even I do this more than often but if someone would have told me ”Hey! that really hurt!” I would feel like crap, apologize and then remember this the next time im with this person. And if you know me and feel like I am pointing fingers at you right now, know that it isn’t true.. I’m not pointing at anyone right im just making a point since I find this phenomena rather common.

It’s sad how ignorant most people have gotten. I’ve got friends who thinks it okay to say anything to anyone since it is a ”free country” and if someone has a problem with it they don’t really care ( do I have to mention that this has cost them quite a few jobs so far?). But I don’t know… Maybe im just TO considerate and sensitive to other people emotions? I don’t know… What do you think?

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