Some great sites


I frequently visit a number of sites and most of them probably are known to you already but I decided to share them with u guys anyways.

My top five sites

  • StumbleUpon – This is a great site for stumbling around the internet. Set up an account, put in your interests and press stumble. Everytime you press stumble a new random page will come up that falls in to the category of one of your interests. Stumble is a great way for learning new things and finding new awesome sites on the internet that you probably never have seen before. Take my advice, StumbleUpon isn’t a site that you would wanna miss.
  • Damnyouautocorrect – This is a whole site full of iPhone and android auto corrects that went wrong. Everytime i need a good laugh, this is the place.
  • Facebook – Who doesn’t visit this site like at least once a day?
  • Eyercise – I am a geek.. I know nut im proud of being able to read very fast and i use this site at least once a week to try to improve my score. At the moment i read with a speed of 720 words per minute. How fast do you read? Click the link and try it and post your score in a comment below.
  • Nonstopnyancat – This is really kind of embarrassing but im slightly addicted to this weird thing.
There is probably more but as of this moment I cant really think of even one more.

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